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fwhCONSULTING is not an authorized reseller for the following products, but please feel free to click on the manufacturer's logos to hop to their respective sites. We highly recommend the following;

Visit Thumbtack.com listing

Download AVG Free Edition from FileHippo.com

GCI Speedtest

Spyware and Adware problems are getting worse! We recommend the following products:
AdAware and Spybot S& D, Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware which are free products(and need to be maintained manually), and Spysweeper, Spyware Doctor or CounterSpy which are commercial products,$20-$40.For info on Rouge/Suspect Anti-Spyware go HERE for more downloads. For AVG free AV/AS, go HERE or HERE for AntiVir Free, or HERE for Avast Free AV. I highly recommend NOD32 Anti-Virus software. Also try JV16 , a GREAT all around tool program(Fully functional 30day free trial).

And Here is a site for a Buttload of freeware utilities for just about anything you can think of like password hacks, network monitoring, internet related, command line, desktop and other freeware system tools.Here is another wonderful website for updating and installing programs you want.its called ninite.com , my friend Jason turned me onto it today..ENJOY!!!


Computer running slow, can't get on the Internet anymore?
Warning! If you don't know about Virus' or Spyware and Adware, contact us IMMEDIATELY!
For protection against these threats and others, see the "Reseller Info" page.